We’ve worked hard for several years now to renovate and restore the old Smart’s Mill. It’s a labor of love, and one that we hope will make our ability to continue to offer the highest quality custom and reproduction shutters available anywhere.

Beech river mill, inc. Mill restoration

Over the past several years we have:

  • Raised, reposted, and poured new foundations around 75% of the original 1850’s structure
  • Repaired and or replaced the abutment work around the millpond
  • Dredged the mill pond
  • Overhauled and rewired 75% of our internal electrical systems
  • Insulated for energy efficiency
    Overhauled and/or upgraded most of the heavy milling equipment
  • Added new heavy-duty sanding apparatus
  • Installed a central dust collection system
  • Upgraded our spray finishing systems
  • Replacing our company signage

In the near future we will be:

  • Asphalting our parking area
  • Refinishing the exterior of the building
  • Researching Solar and Hydro-Electric opportunities

Come visit the mill for a tour and see what we’ve done to preserve the historic building and equipment, as well as modernize where it makes sense in order to be able to provide a quality product at a competitive cost.

Beech river mill, inc. Mill restoration