We love wood – but we also love our environment. Below you will fund a summary of some of our efforts to make the world a better place.

Help one another; there’s no time like the present and no present like the time. ~James Durst

Like the generations of New Englanders that came before us, we at Beech River Mill do our best to repurpose and recycle whenever we can. Whether its donating wood for a warm fire to families in need, or helping our local organic farmers tend their plants and livestock, Beech River Mill cares about its surrounding communities and neighbors. Below is a listing of company initiatives our management and employees have under taken to help give back to our local community.

Home Heating Assistance: One of the secondary benefits of running a traditional millwork shop is the abundance of scrap materials we produce. Rest assured we use as much as we can, but when it becomes counterproductive to do so we reach out to local families in need and donate our surplus wood cuttings to help cut their winter fuel costs. If you are interested in discussing the details of this program please just call or e-mail for further information.

Sawdust to Food Initiative: With all of the clean quality wood chips and shavings we produce at Beech River Mill it seemed counter intuitive to be throwing such a potentially valuable resource in the dumpster. But who could use such a thing? After some diligent research and a bit of networking we have discovered a whole sector of people interested in our production leftovers. Today, the bulk of our woodshavings and sawdust particulate is donated to be used by our local organic farmers. The wood shavings can be mixed into composting as a natural organic binder, or is quite successfully used for premium crop mulching. Our local blueberry farmers love this stuff! It also works brilliantly as animal bedding for one of our local organic beef farmers. If you are interested in learning more about this program please just call or e-mail for further details.

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